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At, we are the "modern-day Mad Men" (Matthew Weiner's popular, critically acclaimed, award-winning TV series based on the fictional advertising genius, Don Draper). We are stylish and appealing in our approach, but with a difference. Mad Men was during the 1960's when ad agencies were on Madison Avenue. A time when liquor, cars and cigarettes were king and when innovative ideas included exploiting consumers with pop psychology and subliminal messages all to make consumers desire what they don't have and buy what they don't need. recognizes how marketing and advertising have evolved. Our experts focus on cutting-edge marketing that works with a savvy new generation. Today, consumers are in control and are less trusting in businesses and services. We believe consumers want to know your brand, your story and your benefits. experts bring a wealth of knowledge, talent and passion in everything they do!

  Gloria Buono Daly is an interactive marketing and communications specialist and founder of Her experience includes traditional as well as digital disciplines. Helping companies achieve better results at lower costs through various marketing strategies including SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) is what she does best. Her web site includes recent samples of the types of specialty videos she has spearheaded. As a marketing and communications professional, her early career began in the marketing and creative services departments of the music recording and entertainment industry and quickly shifted to magazine and book publishing where she became intrigued with the world of advertising, sales, strategic research and media marketing. The opportunity to research and analyze, establish partnerships, make marketing decisions and communications plans, and follow it to execution is her forte. For several years, she has lead projects to develop and integrate multi-media marketing and communications strategies as well as fine-tune execution for many employers and clients. Her expertise also includes information technology project management. Gloria has helped many profit and non-profit organizations, including magazine and book publishers, major financial services corporations, advertising, media and entertainment companies, and Fortune 500 corporations strategize and execute marketing and communications plans. In 1999 she wrote, illustrated and published The Painting Ballerina, a short story about a young girl who invents a new art form, paint dancing, through imagination and artistic expression. The phrase, paint dancing, paint dance, etc., has gained momentum in the past few years (more information about how this trend is on Wikipedia at
  Barbara Lewis is a master of direct mail marketing, having managed the direct mail and marketing campaigns for a host of Fortune 500 companies from mailing list management and brokerage, media placement and strategic planning to account management, print production, lettershop and mailing functions. Having earned her Masters in Direct Marketing & Integrated Communication and with over twenty years of experience, Barbara is well versed in the art and science of marketing direct. She understands the mechanics and process in building successful, cost-effective marketing communication that gets noticed and yields response.


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